Fantastic Toronto actress Emily Niedoba, who has starred in two hit TV series Mr. D and the Property Brothers, contacted us at worldSALON to discuss a change in her look.  Emily was tired of her blonde bob and was ready for some excitement!  We all decided to have some fun.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.33.51 PM

Emily was recommended to worldSALON by our friend Michelle Gallant who runs Looks Image Consulting.  Michelle has great personal style, can whip your wardrobe into shape and will actually go shopping with you to help find those pieces to pull your whole look together – joy!


Emily decided she wanted to get rid of the blunt cut and work towards a longer look.  She had some extensions put in and we felt a darker, richer tone for her hair would be more complimentary.  I layered in the extensions and Gary Allen formulated a warm mahogany colour that brightened up Emily’s piercing blue eyes and made her skin look beautiful.  Next it was time for our makeover photoshoot!  Emily touches up her make-up.


For the photoshoot, I wanted to do something summery, fresh and easy for Emily to replicate,  So many people fight their natural texture and in the summer months when the air is so much more humid, it is a perfect time to explore your texture.  Products like our OCEAN spray can help!  I used OCEAN spray to bring out Emily’s waves and UP spray to hold them while I heat styled.


Michelle loved the soft grey tones on Emily.  You can see how well they bring out her skin tone and compliment her mahogany hair!


Emily’s new look – understated cool and definitely very sexy!


Emily has just had some new headshots done – stay tuned for a striking before and after!



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