A few days ago, America passed China as the epicentre of the virus and is fast approaching now has over 200,000 cases.  When you look at the daily graphs of cumulative coronavirus cases worldwide, China and South Korea are topping off and the rest of the world are in steep inclines.  This does not bode well for the next month or two. In America, the president has recently decided to keep social distancing measures in place until the end of April, instead of opening the economy back up for Easter.  Hopefully, the medical establishment will garner more clout in the coming weeks as we all now know that social distancing protocols are one of the best ways to combat the explosive transmission of the COVID-19 virus.  We’ll see how this plays out. 

In our own neck of the woods, the Canadian government has beefed up emergency financial measures to support workers and businesses, we will be exploring these opportunities in the coming days. Hopefully this will mean the difference between businesses staying afloat or not, and individuals having sufficient money to pay for rent, bills and groceries in these unprecedented times.  

Quebec announced last week that malls, restaurants and hair/beauty salons will be closed until May 1st.  PEI closed all personal care beauty establishments and all of their 17 liquor stores, until further notice, the latter being extremely worrisome.  Alberta has shut down all schools for the rest of the year, and many other jurisdictions in Canada have closed personal care settings indefinitely.  I have a feeling that the Ontario government will announce this week the continued closure of salons, spas etc.… to at least the end of April.  I have heard from friends in healthcare that the next two weeks in Ontario will be crucial.  We should be witness to whether social distancing measures are working, and if so, our new cases of infection will begin to plateau.  

Let’s hope for some good news, but without a doubt the salon industry will continue to be challenged in the coming weeks.  worldSALON will remain closed until we get the all clear from government and health care experts.  If you have an appointment booked for the coming weeks,
rest assured that once we are up and running again, your appointment will take priority.  Please leave any queries at info@worldsalon.ca

Be safe – stay healthy!

Best, Brian