As the hot, sunny days diminish and that familiar crispness appears in the air, I love to fast forward to December and the preparations for the Xmas season – one of my favourite times of the year.  This helps me get over the initial melancholia that hits me when I realize summer is over.  Am I depressing you yet?

One of the best parts of the cooler weather is transitioning hair and clothing – always challenging and fun.   This fall, at worldSALON in Toronto, we add rich auburns and ‘brondes” – (brown blondes) to our repertoire of beautiful sun-kissed blondes.  Also expect to see ashy pastels – soft textured “undoes” and lots of braids!  When setting the hair, think of just enhancing your natural texture.  Instead of a perfect curl, go for a bend.  Messy and undone looking hair is what looks fresh and modern!  For cuts – that grown out lob (the hot look of the last two years) will morph into two distinct looks, shorter architectural bobs, and lots of shattered layered cuts of different lengths.  Shorter bangs will be featured prominently as well!

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 7.07.18 AM

Lovely Debra with her fluffy, textured bob!

Keep your fall hair and skin in shape with the gentle, effective dynamic duo of WORLD CLEAN hair and body cleanser and WORLD REPAIR deep conditioner for colour treated or dry damaged hair.  Colour tested against leading brands with stellar results, CLEAN will help keep your colour from fading and REPAIR will add lustrous shine and manageability, even in the drier, cooler months.

Try “plopping” your hair curly hair to lessen damage from heat styling.  Add WORLD PROTECT hair and body moisturizer to hair after shampooing, then wrap in a t-shirt or light scarf until dry.  Your curls will be shiny and individuated, with no frizz.

For every day styling, OCEAN spray will add just enough texture and volume to your wavy, messy styles.  Spray OCEAN on clean, dry hair before bed then divide hair into three sections.  Roll hair up in rags from the ends first, tie off three inches from the roots, then go to bed.  In the morning, break apart with a tiny amount of BELIEVE hair and body salve or BUZZ hair and body polish.  Think of OCEAN as a primer for your hair.  The sea salt will add just a bit of grit to help bring out your natural texture.  The beeswax in BUZZ and BELIEVE then helps lock that texture into place.

For your party “undos”, formerly updos, UP sugar hairspray will give your set traction and styles support for all-night festivities!  Sugar is the active ingredient, and that is what the punks used to keep their mohawks up in the mosh pits of days gone by.  Life is a mosh pit – UP is your secret weapon.

You can always trust the WORLD HairSkin line to keep you looking your sexy best with no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, fragrance, colour, gluten, or palm oil.  Every time you pick up a WORLD HairSkin product, your are helping to make your world a cleaner, healthier place.  Embrace the cooler weather with some new “healthy” tools for your beauty arsenal.

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