1.  Why is the salon named WORLD?   In 1976, David Bowie starred in a Nicolas Roeg film titled “The Man Who Fell To Earth”.  Bowie plays an alien who comes to earth in search of water because his planet is drying up.  The technology on his planet is vastly superior to ours, so with devices he patents on earth, he quickly generates great wealth which he invests in a space program to ship water back to his planet … almost.  The name of the company that he creates in the film is “World Enterprises”, which was the original name of our company in 1989 when we opened the salon.
  2. Why is the word OPEN painted in white on the ceiling over the shampoo basins at worldSALON?  Years ago, I heard the story of how John Lennon and Yoko Ono met and subsequently fell in love.  Yoko had an art opening in London in 1966 which John attended.   One of the installations was a ladder that had to be climbed and at the top, there was a spyglass hanging from the ceiling.  John climbed the ladder, looked through the spyglass and the word “yes” popped into view – which was painted on a distant wall.  This is apparently when he fell head over heels.  I love seeing words in art, especially out of context, so I thought “open”  was a good word for our ceiling in the salon.  When people are looking up in the relaxed state of being shampooed,  it is an subtle reminder for them to be open on whatever level they need – open your heart, open your mind, open your legs and open your wallet to small, independent, local businesses that are doing good things for the environment and the world!  I painted the word on the ceiling with the help of my friend Marcel Aulls, graphic designer.  He created the stencil that we used.
  3. Are all the plants real at worldSALON?  Yes, every single one of them.  I have a nine foot ladder in the basement that I haul out to water all the plants once a week.  The pothos vines, peace lilies, spider plants, ferns, aloes, orchids, begonias, violets, dracaenas, zanzibar gems, bromeliads and anthuriums are great for our well being working in the salon and wonderful for clients visiting.  The plants clean the air and produce lots of oxygen to help us stylists make our clients more beautiful than they imagined possible.
  4. How did the WORLD Hair and Skin line come about?  After being a stylist for ten years, I developed a very serious case of contact dermatitis on my hands.   I discovered after a painful process that my condition was due to mainly the fragrance in products.  Subsequently, we worked with lines that I thought were healthier and weren’t, I decided in 2001 to develop my own line for hair and skin that was fragrance free and multi use.   We have been working hard perfecting the line for 16 years and we feel that the world at large is ready to experience our Toronto made and perfected WHS line.  “Luxury with a small footprint”.
  5.  How eco can a hair salon really be?  worldSALON uses LaBiosthetique hair colour from Germany that has no ppd and the lowest ammonia content on the market.  We are original  members of Green Circle Salons, which recycles hair foils, hair clippings, excess colour, and has diverted almost 2.5 millons pounds of waste from landfills and water ways in North America.  We are the only salon in Canada that uses solar panels to heat hot water and with all of our other initiatives have displace over ten thousand tons of C02 emissions in the last ten years.  As hair salons go – worldSALON is the ECO Champion!

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