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This is a tough one, because I love the polished helmets of the 1950’s for their precision and architectural beauty: 

While nice to look at, you know there was a toxic cloud of elements not known to man hovering around that head, and if you touched it, your fingers might break.  In the 1960’s, we get Twiggy, really huge hair as seen on model Verushka and Vidal Sassoon  whose work revolutionized the industry:

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The 1960s are also personified by the musical “Hair”, which began off Broadway in 1967.  It spawned a monster show, travelling the world, a multi-million dollar selling album and a Grammy Award for Best Score.  Non-violence, environmentalism, free love and freeing your hair became the themes of this decade and as such we saw the hippie movement blossom and natural texture flourish:

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In the 1970’s, with the waning of hippie culture, glam rock moved into prominence and artists like T-Rex and David Bowie and The Spiders From Mars informed a whole generation of fashion plates with their rock and roll shags.  Later on, punk rock exploded on the scene, which produced the musical equivalent of being run over by a bus while on speed.  It was a terrific ride.  The excitement that I experienced listening to the Sex Pistols was epic.  Oh and the hair was allright:

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This decade also produced an iconic image which embodies all the elements that make hair magical and beautiful. Touchability, movement, texture, sexiness and sparkle are all evoked and I’m sure many a hairstyling career were launched with Farrah:

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