It is perhaps Barbie that is responsible for my wonderful career in hair!  After she arrived in our home, at my sister’s bequest, I was forever entranced by this incredible material that shimmered and flowed and shook so magically.  It really was about how it moved, and wind, although damaging, can make hair look incredible, enhancing it’s texture and wildness.  My sister eventually forgave me for cutting Barbie’s hair off – my first customer.

In the salon, after a proper blow-out, I get clients to lean forward for the final wind effect and when they flip back and their hair is messy and big, there always follows that look in their eyes.  It is that look I live for.  I have made them feel sexy, and beautiful – especially the men.

I cut and styled the stunning Vlada Verevko, former model and now actress in Los Angeles, at a shoot in 2008.  Longtime friend and master photographer Ivan Otis captured the moment with his usual panache.  This photo has come the closest to capturing the essence of what I find most beautiful about hair – it’s texture, movement, light reflectivity and touchability.


If you are using wind to it’s full advantage, make sure you moisturize with WORLD Hair and Skin “repair” and for that messy texture and shine, “ocean” and “buzz” are great tools – all available on

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