This past year was most definitely a year of change, culminating in a terrible new reality south of the border, where a narcissistic, psychopath became the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet.  In Chinese astrology, we are moving from the flamboyant, flirtatious “Fire Rooster” in 2017 to the diligent, dependable “Earth Dog” in 2018.  This will mean a greater focus on the health of the planet and “the importance of the universal values of dialogue and solidarity”.  Let’s hope this is true and more of us stand up and are heard when it comes to moving away from wanton self interest and irresponsibility.

It feels appropriate to close out the year hearkening back to the Mantra we created for the WORLD Hair and Skin product line when we re-branded in 2015:

Our WORLD is a better place now and every day I strive to make it better.

Our WORLD rewards truth and complexity

Our WORLD is powered by clean energy and people that live sustainably.

Our WORLD is full of peace and love where each of us is important and must be heard

Our WORLD is clean vital and strong and this is the WORLD that feeds us.

Our WORLD is designed to be user friendly like nature

Our WORLD is inclusive and embraces diversity

Our WORLD each day teaches us the concept of enough.

I wish you all a happy holiday season with family and friends and an exciting, healthy  peaceful 2018!

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