Well, that was some year!

In my send off blog post for 2017, I anticipated that “universal values of dialogue and solidarity” would become a theme of this past year.  With the House of Representatives flipping in the US mid-terms, diverse candidates, including ninety women, are heading to Washington in January to represent their jurisdictions.   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 29-year-old activist from the Bronx, became the youngest woman elected to Congress.  Ilhan Omar (Minnesota) and Rashida Tlaib (Michigan) became the first Muslim women elected to Congress.  Kansas elected Sharice Davids, the first Native American Woman.  In Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema became the first openly bisexual senator and first female senator to be elected.  Jared Polis of Colorado became the first openly gay governor ever elected.  Could this all represent a sea change coming to America?  I am hopeful that with this new blood entering the stream, we will witness at least a slowing down of the locomotive that has been propelled for so long by the greed and myopia of the old guard.

Closer to home, in Ontario, things are looking a little bleaker.  The Ford government is already mired in controversy of its own creation which will only deepen in the year ahead.  But let’s think happy thoughts with the holidays around the corner!  I wish you all a fulfilling, joyous, successful 2019 with many wonderful experiences, new friendships (which re-define us) and at least one or two things off your bucket lists!!!!

Best of the season to you all!

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