I am writing this basking in the happy glow of our newly erected Christmas tree, new Noma projector outdoor lights tinkling on the surface of our renovated house and Eartha Kitt beckoning her “Santa cutie” on the boombox.  2016 whipped past “like a speeding, smoky shadow” – is it true time goes faster with age?

The film “Arrival”  posited time as a non-linear, circular reality, making many words in our earth languages irrelevant.   It was a fascinating film with never seen before alien “Heptapods”- my mind hurt a little.  Will our species eventually be able to live our lives as a series of vignettes going backwards or forwards, in no particular order?

It does seem we are entering a deeper age with many risks and huge potential gains.  2016 was a year that stung with loss and yet I am buoyed by art, resistance and intimacy.  To that end, I leave you with a poem that I wrote many eons ago (or to come?)

grey train

like a speeding, smoky shadow,

like dirty, spewing steam,

like a foggy, buzzsaw dream;

on on a crisp, white cloud,

on a soft, slippery tear

on a gleaming cold blanket;

racing through beautiful time,

racing by transparent lives,

racing relentlessly, grey, hard, mean;

until the last crystal settles

until the last laugh has the last laugh

until the whole thing starts again.

Blessings for 2017 🎄

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