Ever since I was old enough to notice, I have always admired full heads of hair, gleaming, bouncing, cascading in the sunshine, blowing in the wind.   Hair seemed to me almost a magical appendage that had an incredible allure.  I was fascinated with my sister’s Barbies, tilting them to and fro, watching the movement of their thick long manes.  One day I cut them all short into what at the time I had no idea were called “bobs”.

In my teenage years, I was obsessed with Paul McCartney’s mane when he was with Wings

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 5.30.39 PM.png

I convinced my mother to straighten my hair and then together we tried to recreate his look.  My mom not only cut everyone’s hair in our household and made her own clothes, cooked like a Michelin Star chef, worked on and completed her Masters in Library Science, but she held down a full time job as a librarian for 26 years!  In other words, a goddess!  The hair was a success and as I took over cutting and maintaining, it got shorter and shorter.


Laugh all you want!  All those years working on my own hair lay the groundwork for a future career!  Thanks Mom, thanks Paul.

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