This month we decided to create some fun new updo videos to entertain and inspire.  Throwing your hair up in a creative way can be a great thing to practice for special events or on day three or four when you don’t feel like washing.  The right tools and products are key.  I love non-stick bobby pins and large hair pins, which you will have to visit a beauty supply to find.  Of course you will use the healthy WORLD Hair and Skin line – which we have been perfecting at worldSALON since 2001!  If you are coming to see one of the talented stylist at the salon, you can always book and extra fifteen minutes to get some pointers.  If you start now, you will put Lady Gaga to shame by holiday party time!

If by chance you have had your hair cut too short for a chignon, like my awesome client Nancy,  then you have options.  In keeping with our mandate to be sustainable and as zero-footprint as possible, you can use that hair for something beautiful around the house.

I have been interviewed three times this month, for Borden Communications #InterviewwithMosquitos and Salon Magazine and Canadian Hairdresser Magazine for their “Green Issues” coming out in April.  Follow me on Instagram @brianatworld to stay in the loop and on @worldSALON where we are getting better at posting!!


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