Happy 2019 to you all!

This coming year proves to be a momentous one – worldSALON turns thirty on October 9th and this sends me into paroxysms of joy, disbelief and terror!  Am I really that old?  I have a crystal clear, internal slideshow of so many moments the salon was first opened it seems impossible that was thirty years ago.

My partner John Taccone and I were just kids back then;  learning how to run a business and live together at the same time was truly one of the craziest ways to test the mettle.  There were many hardships, many joyful occasions and lots of fantastic outfits.  I am so grateful for all those years of growth and for his friendship which continues to this day.

I have to thank the dear, dear clients that have been with me for many moons and continue to come to worldSALON to catch up and kvetch and oh yeah get your hair done  – I am in awe of your love and support and hope that my body holds up so that I can snip your lovely locks from my walker.

To my awesome staff, I love spending time with you; your talent is inspiring, your kindness touches my heart and the laughs are always damm good.  Thanks for being part of world.

My hair resolution for 2019 is to commit to change things up a little more.  I will promote freshness and gently push to add more excitement to what is going on with everyone’s lid.

I will lead by example, so look for my new style in 2019 – something I have always wanted to personally experience ——————>


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