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worldSALON Reno March 2013

March 17, 2013

After 24 years in business in downtown Toronto, worldSALON is continuing our green focus and getting an eco-makeover.  With a focus on the three R’s, using healthy non toxic materials and supporting local businesses as much as possible, follow our video diary to watch the whole thing unfold.  Can it all be completed in 11…

Toronto’s worldPRODUCTS

February 17, 2013

Toronto’s worldPRODUCTS personal care line, created by celebrity stylist Brian Phillips and launched in 2001, is unique in many ways. Phillips worked diligently with a chemist and aromatherapist to design a minimal series of products that can be used on hair and skin.  The result is a healthy, multi-use, and scent free, line that  you…

The Bang / Fringe Debate

January 14, 2013

A raucous debate ensued recently at the salon – about the history of the “bang”.  Why the word bang?  A British client commented that the term “fringe” was much more appropriate as it is representative of the head framing feature – “like curtains for the face.”  The term “bang” in comparison, with it’s blunt,…


December 15, 2012

Canadian glass artist Gundi Viviani-Finch has been creating exquisite glass sculptures for over twenty years in her studio in the Norhtumberland Hills, just east of Toronto.  Through a meticulous technique of bonding small pieces of plate glass with a powerful adhesive, she builds large works of art that dance in the light, an effusive blending…