Once again, we are heading into party season and this year, really anything goes.  Messy, tousled waves look amazing with a snug, sparkly gown, heels and great earrings.  A clean, tight ponytail will dazzle with a sharp suit or boxy, geometric dress.  Scrape your short hair back with PROTECT leave in conditioner and freeze into place with UP then throw on your boyfriend jeans and a cocktail jacket; a smoky eye with all these looks is a party fave of mine!


For this Wedding Bells cover, I was asked to create a soft approachable look.   For her ultimate party, this bride sports long messy bangs with hair back, which is uncontrived and sexy:

For my friend Barb’s party, we decided on a messy braid with lots of volume at the front for dramatic effect:


I must say that the “haute couture party hair” award would have to go to Juliet, who let me attach extensions of two different colours and build her hair up into a massive bun that defied gravity.  This is multi-purpose statement hair that that could also double as  comfortable head support after too many party cocktails!  We hope to give you some party hair this season!


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