While I have sincerely loved everything that Alexander McQueen had carefully curated in his short career, I must say that one of my favourite hair moments on the runway has to be Ric Owens Womens SS13, which he called “Island”.   Luigi Murena, hairstylist lead on the show, created some incredible wigs that were so interesting and beautiful straight on and then the models turned and they got even better.  For the clothing, Owens claimed to have been inspired by Gustav Klimt, thus the golden tones and billowing shapes.  He and Murena were correct to decide on big heads to balance things out, and the geometric shapes that came out of their collaboration, all slightly different angles and volumes, brought an almost Gothic flavour to the presentation.  Combined with the foam partly clouds sliding to the floor as a backdrop and Owens’ always interesting electro soundscapes, the event was a fantastic piece of fashion theatre … and pure hair porn.

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