The Miriam Webster dictionary defines “show and tell” as “a classroom exercise in which children display an item and talk about it,”  or a “public display or demonstration.”

In the beauty industry, understanding and executing the concept of “show and tell”  is potentially the most significant attribute of a successful beauty professional.  In my training at George Brown College here in Toronto, one of my teachers, Mrs. Belaska, often made mention of her belief that to achieve success in our business it was “80% talking and 20% talent.”  I have heard this sentiment echoed by various industry leaders over the years, but now more than ever, with the advent of social media,  success and wealth are greatly augmented by how well one can communicate one’s talent and perspective, behind the chair and online.  One must be proud and constantly striving to improve the craft, or be swallowed up by the cacophany.

The most talented stylist in the world (no pun intended) can create beautiful work for years, but if the work is not carefully and consciously projected out into the collective soup, then that stylist will only grow so much.  If you are a quiet, talented stylist, then you better be working somewhere that will help push you to “show and tell“.   Regular posts on your social media channel of choice, will help you reach an audience that will appreciate what you do much faster than word of mouth.  Think of it as another creative outlet that is fun and engaging, rather than another job – and be disciplined.

One of the greatest hairstylists ever, Vidal Sassoon, summed it up quite nicely – “You either create something and you keep it a secret and you die with it, or you can benefit the craft by passing it on.”

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