Summer is upon us once again – definitely the most glorious time of the year!  The sun-kissed skin, the toned bodies finally unleashed after months in the gym, the moist air, rife with photosynthesized oxygen and hair that is wavy and wild.  For vacations, we all know that how your hair looks is the most crucial; the tips below will ensure that you look great in front of the campfire, on the beach raving in Ibiza or shopping on the Cote D’Azur.

One of my favourite tricks for fantastic summer hair is to wash your locks in the evening.  Blot really well and let air dry for an hour before bed so hair is just a little damp.  Spray on OCEAN salt spray and climb into bed – your pillow will do the rest.  In the morning, you will arise with volume (no pun intended) and great texture that you can let gravity play with throughout the day.  A tiny smidge of BELIEVE will tame any flyaways, add a bit of shine and chunk hair down a little.

If you have to blow-dry in the morning, twist that fresh, polished hair into a tight bun and secure for a day of humidity and activity.  When the temperature cools down, down comes your hair, into stunning smooth waves.  Use OCEAN again to set and BELIEVE to twist, which assists as an anti-humectant.

Shorter hair should get the wet look, for summer, scraped back and tight to the head – sexy!  Towel dry hair and let air dry for ten minutes.  Spray UP holding spray generously and comb back with a wide-toothed comb.  Let air dry undisturbed or diffuse for ten minutes if you can’t keep still.  Layer UP for a solid hold that will last all day.  For evening break apart with BUZZ hair and body polish, for a softer messier finish that will look great when you are dancing – and smoke up those eyes!

On summer vacation, be in the moment, breathe everything into your body and take a few chances that you will enjoy reflecting on back at the office!!


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