I have often said to clients that we all must go blonde at least once in our lives. When my hair was short, I would often get bored with myself and bleaching my hair out became an easy diversion. Luckily my scalp is as tough as a rhino’s butt, so I could bleach my hair for three hours and then do it again the next day to get that perfect, pristine silver-white. Do blondes have more fun? I must say that people do look at you differently. Quite basically, the eye is attracted to light, so it is like having a spotlight shining down on your face.

In the past few months, we have had more than a few clients @worldSALON embrace tones from “arctic fox” and “ermine” to “silver opal”, all with stunning approval from friends, family and co-workers. For those going grey, “superlighting” is stark, funky and instantly ups your cool quotient. Men also have reported loving the “surfer-chic” phase when their light manes start to grow out and roots begin to show.  

If you have never experienced it, this should be your Summer Of Blonde!

Photo: Alex ((blonde) and Priya from A Vine Romance and new Bell show “The Drink”.

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