One of the most enjoyable parts of working with a clean product line like WORLD Hair and Skin ( is that no matter where the product ends up, you know that it is not harming you.   One discovers new textures, feelings and effects with layering and combining these fun, easy to progressive products.

After a recent staff meeting at worldSALON (, this idea of layering came up and we decided to all share our favourite “cocktails” or “formulas,” in a video format.  I most often use the OCEAN and BELIEVE to formula, because I love the grip the OCEAN gives due to the dead sea salt and the rosehip seed oil, argan oil and blue tansy and benzoin essential oils in the BELIEVE, deliver shine, chunkiness and a little grunge depending on how much you use.  We encourage clients and purchasers to combine to find their perfect formula for hold or whatever they are trying to achieve with their hair and skin.  With our delicious, quality plant ingredients from the earth and your imagination, beautiful guilt-free hair is yours.

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