This month we all wanted to showcase a spectacular client that really makes our jobs a total joy.  For my first worldCITIZEN, I would like to introduce you to Franca Policaro.  Franca has been a client since the beginning of worldSALON; in fact she and her husband Tony became clients  when I started working at Civello in 1985.  When their first daughter Adrianna was barely two years old, I gave Adri her first real haircut in the cutting room overlooking Richmond Street at Jarvis.  Some of Toronto’s haircutting heavy weights snipped away in this room, including Jan Ohm, Bill Angst, Ray Civello himself, Marco Greco and little old me!  It was quite something working in this group and I must say I became a better stylist just through osmosis.  I distinctly remember picking Adri up and standing her in the big wooden cutting chair after I finished and watching her beam at her reflection in the mirror.

When Giancarlo was in for his first haircut at worldSALON, I remember a scintillating discussion about favourite cartoon characters including Goofy and Mickey, after a trip to Disneyland I believe.  The cutting cape around his neck, Giancarlo’s entire body was engulfed and we were all very amused by his little floating head in the mirror.  At one point his face squeezed tight and an intense adult-like sneeze erupted, resulting in a gigantic booger landing on his lower lip and chin.  His eyes were huge with wonder and as Franca grabbed a Kleenex and wiped the snot away, we realized we had experienced a moment; a classic, magical image that would never be erased.

Adrianna and her husband Rob have now had their third child, Mikela, sister to Liam and Alex.  This is the first time in my career that I am now cutting the third generation – both humbling and awe inspiring.  To feel a apart of this wonderful family and the love that they have for each other is a privilege.

For over thirty years, Franca and I have amassed a catalogue of many magical moments that will always be cherished. Franca and Tony have been such an incredible support to worldSALON over the years and I am forever grateful for their patronage and friendship.

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