When I tell people that October 6th, 2017 is the 28th anniversary of worldSALON at the corner of Jarvis and Adelaide, St. Lawrence Market District, Toronto, Canada, it seems impossible!  At a bbq party a few summers ago at friends Mark and Peggi’s, a bunch of us were discussing our spiritual ages, and mine is a most comfortable 29.  I guess this proves that doing what you love keeps you young!  I am blessed.

WORLD Hair and Skin, hit the shelves in 2001 – sweet sixteen this year.  At the launch of our re-brand at the salon in June 2015, being interviewed for CityTv  was a highlight and I remember feeling like an imposter mentioning that our 25th anniversary was coming up.  Some of the models in our presentation were not even a thought when we started doing clients at the salon “back in the day.”

What thrills me is how excited I am for the future.  We have an incredible team at worldSALON that are putting out sexy, strong, beautiful work everyday.  My team inspire and challenge me and our space is supportive and full of love .  I am very grateful for what I have learned from everyone that has crossed the threshold at 132 Adelaide St. E. over the years and especially you amazing people that have trusted us to carve beautiful shapes for your heads and splash them with colours that twinkle in your eyes and make your skin glow.

Thank you, thank you!  With love and gratitude,


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